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Stanley Hollis

The only D day VC

Wednesday 2 July 2003

Half mile inland on Gold beach towards Vey was the Battery of Fleury with 150 mm guns. At this point the only Victoria Cross awarded on D-Day was won by CSM Hollis. Stanley Hollis had fought with the 8th Army in North-Africa and Sicily.

Until the 6th of June he had 90 notches in his weapon, one for every killed German. During the march to the Battery of Fleury they past unnoticed a couple of bunkers that suddenly opened fire. In stead off taking cover, CSM Hollis stormed all the way shooting towards the bunker. He threw a hand grenade inside, emptied his stengun killing three Germans in the process. He then unarmed the rest of them and took them prisoner. His next move was towards some trenches and ’cleared’ these. Through these action he saved many British lives.

Later on, towards midday when they were attacking Crepon, Hollis was ordered to set up a PIAT in a house. The house was completely destroyed by german field battery which was holding up the advance. Hollis and his men escaped just in time, but two men were stuck in the rubble. A few men returned to free the stuck men. Meanwile Hollis, standing tall in the open, was giving covering fire with a Bren machinegun to distract the Germans. At the end of the day his ’tally’ stood at 102.

Hollis died early in the seventies and his VC was sold for £30.000.

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