Tuesday 28 January 2003

Described more by it’s devotees than by it’s sites. According to Tristan Bernard it is closer to Paris than the sea. The 21st arrondissement, welded to the capital by 150 miles of motorway.
The fashion for sea bathing started in Dieppe by the duchess of Berry in 1824. Many seaside towns such as Trouville jumped on the bandwagon. At that time the site wher Deauville is was marshes and mud flats. Deauville founded in 1860 by the Duke of Morney (half brother of Napoleon III ) He brought the Paris high societe to Deauville. In 1864 he opened the race course.
The hotel Normandy was built in 1911.

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Hotel Normandy

The house to the right was in the way of the construction but the owner wouldn’t sell. The hotel was built round it. It is now the residence of hte manager.
In 1911 Eugene Corniche built the Casino in Louis XV style.
In 1914 Wealthy ladies fled the fighting in the east of france. They arrived at Deauville having left their wardrobes at home. COCO Chanell was there to serve them her shop next to Hotel Normandy had chairs outside for the queue.
In 1930 Deauville was at it’s height. The last war destroyed the port which has been rebuilt since.
The Neo Norman style for buildings has been adopted since the war. Half timbered fronts stuck onto brick buildings.
In 1873 the beach continued up to the first houses. Horses pulled the changing cabins to the waters edge.
Les planches made of rot proof wood is 643 m long and 7 m wide. It allows the high society to walk on the beach without getting sand in their shoes, whilst being inspected from the tents or the terrasses of Ciro’s or the Bar du Soleil.
Lined with multi coloured tents from in july and august. They open towards les Planches, on the pretext of haviong the back to the wind., but this allows the priveliged occupants to watch the elegance on the planches.
With your back to the sea, looking at the Hotel Normandy, go to the right of the hotel. The shop now called Weston was the shop of Coco.
At it’s hight Deauville was open july and august then every body went back to Paris. The shop girls for Printemps were shipped in for the season.
Now owned by the Barriere group who also own the Royal, and the Golf, and the Casino

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Neo Norman Town Hall

Built in Neo Norman style

Villa Strasburger
Built by Rosthchild then by owned by Singer (sewing machines)now owned by the town.

Yearlings sale in August Foals in November.

Houses brought from other parts of Normandy.
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