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Joan of Arc

Saturday 18 January 2003

Joan of Arc 1412 At the age of 13 she heard voices telling her to deliver France from the English.
Charles VI had died in 1422. Charles VII held the south of France and henry IV of England held the North and laid claim to the throne supported by the duke of Burgundy.
Joan met the King Charles VII at Chinon the 12 feb 1429 and convinced him of her mission. She made 4 prophecies.
1.The English would lift the seige of Orleans
2.The King would be crowned at Reims
3.Paris would come under his control
4.The Duke of Orleans would come back from captivity in England.
She delivered Orleans from the seige by the English the 8 may 1429 and beat them at Patay. Charles VII was crowned at Reims on 17 july 1429.

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JOAN OF ARC Jeanne d’Arc

She was captured at Compeigne the 23 may 1430 by the duke of Luxembourg who delivered her to Burgundy. He supported the claim of Henry IV of England to the throne and sold her to the English. She was taken to ROUEN and tried on the 9 jan 1430 as a heretic and witch. Interrogated and tortured for three months she confessed and repented. Condemned to life imprisonment - the English were furious. Joan then retracted her confession. She was then tried as a relapsed heretic. The penalty was to be burnt at the stake.

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Ground before the Stake

She was burnt zt the stake on 30may 1431. As she supported the claim of Charles VII, his claim to be divine claimant to the throne was diminished.
Louis VII rehabilitated her in 1456. She was canonised in 1909 and made patron saint of France.

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