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Wednesday 15 January 2003

The success of Hitler at the beginning of the war was due to his use of the BlitzKreig (Lightening Strike) with the newly developped tank warfare.
The main tank force of the germans in Normandy was the Panther or Panzer. The heavier Tiger being reserved for the elite divisions.

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Panther Mark IV

Hitler had lost the major part of his tanks in the eastern front at Koursk. In Normandy they outmatched the allied tanks in armour and fire power but fell prey to air attack especially the rocket firing Typhoons.

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Panther Mark V

The Mark IV formed the greater part of the german tank force in Normandy. It weighed only 25 tons but had a thicker plating than the Sherman.

The MarkV had a 75mm gun and a more profiled silhouette than the M IV.

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