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Ambushed near Domfront

Friday 23 August 2002

A commemorative stele has been erected to the memory of 3 american soldiers killed in an ambush at the hamlet called "Chemin"

image 283 x 378

On the 8th august 1944 four americans in a morotised machine gun M8 were ambushed by an anti tank gun. The motorised machine gun was destroyed and 3 of the 4 were killed. Allen P Robichaux, William L Shampenois, and James H Shelton.

image 516 x 332

The survivor Howard L, Swonger managed to escape and the event has stayed engraved in his memory. He managed to find the exact spot where the incident happened on the 30 august 1999.

He scoured the countryside trying to find the place but in 55 yeras it’s changed a lot. The group chanced on Mr Lechevalier near the exact spot. He was too young to remember so put them in touch with the Mayor M. Bechet.

image 283 x 259

He remembered the incident but to be sure he asked his mother who took them to the spot. With a metal detector they found parts of the M8.

One of the deceased was repatriated and the other two are in St James cemetry.

image 283 x 192

The memorial stele was inaugurated the 30 august 2000.

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