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Norman resistance to WILLIAM

Wednesday 31 October 2001

William faced opposition from his counts, but why?
The counts were “Richardides” (descendants of Richard I) but so was William.

William had a sister from the union of Arlette, his mother, and Robert the Magnificent, his father. He had two half brothers from the marriage of Arlette to Harlouin of Contevelle. William made the elder brother,Odo or Eude, bishop of Bayeux at a very young age. This caused much gossip and consternation at the importance he was giving to the family of his low born mother.

In 1050 the count of Avranche said to a young knight that wanted to go to Italy to seek his fortune, “ Wait just 80 days and you can have your pick of lands in Normandy”

A short time after the same young knight was taken into service by William. He told William what he had heard. The count of Avranche was unable to explain what he had meant and was exiled. The county of Avranche was given to the other half brother of William. More gossip and growing hostility from the “Richardides”
This incident was recalled by disgruntled barons even in England years after Hastings ” For just one word he was exiled”

In 1050 A great grandson of Richard I, William Busac count of Eu, was menacing and provoked William till William laid siege to his castle and exiled Busac. Busac took shelter in the court of Henry I.

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